Albania 2016 Marine Science Expedition. Credit: @eslopez128.

 Archaeologist (PhD), Multilingual Translator, International Marketing Manager
 Polyglot: English | Portuguese | Spanish | French | Italian | Arabic
 Experience in Tech/Marketing: International management, Localization, Social Media

Archaeologist (Ph.D.) with 10+ years of international multidisciplinary experience associated with research institutions, government agencies, outreach and museums. Fluency in 5 languages accents proven ability to communicate with versatile and expert authority. Dedicated to the discovery, preservation and outreach of cultural heritage through technological and scientific research, while inspiring a global audience to actively engage in cultural preservation. 

Experienced in Tech & Media Industry: Intl. Online Marketing Manager & Localization Specialist, Multilingual Translator, Photogrammetrist, Outreach Educator, Production & Social Media Manager, Magazine Editor & Creative Writer


University of Southampton, England:

  • Ph.D. in Archaeology | Fully-funded: AHRC
  • M.Sc. in Maritime Archaeology | Distinction (4.0 GPA)
  • B.A. in Archaeology (with Italian, Arabic, Spanish)

Languages (6)

  • English (Native) | Portuguese (Native) | Spanish (Native)
  • French (Fluent) | Italian (Fluent) | Arabic (Proficient)

Professional Translator (Localization) | Interpreter | Voice-Over Artist

Current Position

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Research Associate & Photogrammetrist
Jan 2017—present

Prodege, LLC | Swagbucks
Online Marketing Manager, Canada
International Marketing Department
Jan 2018—present

Key Media & Marketing Experience

Past Preservers, Media Consulting
Expert Archaeogist & Presenter
International | 2016—present

Goldsmiths University | Multilingual Digital Storytelling
Social Media Manager & Educator
Jun 2016—Jan 2018

Prodege, LLC | Swagbucks
Localization Specialist (contract)
International Marketing Department
Jun 2017—Dec 2017

BlokMedia Ltd | City-Sightseeing
Multilingual Voice-Over & Translator

British Film Institute (BFI)
Outreach & Filmmaking Educator 
UK | Jun.-Jul. 2016

University of Southampton | AHRC
UK | 2011-2015

FeastIt Inc., Phone App
Production Manager & Spokesmodel
UK | Oct. 2012-Jul. 2014

Splash Label Campaign | The Classic Partership Advertising
Production Manager
UK | Jul.-Aug. 2013

The Complete Works Independent School
UK | May 2011

Department of Educational Studies | Goldsmiths University of London 
MA Program Administrator
UK | Jun. 2011-2013

art4art: Studios
Multilingual Voice-Over & Translator 
UK | Oct. 2010-2011

Department of Archaeology / Modern Languages | University of Southampton
Multilingual Translator & Mentor 
UK | Oct. 2009-2010

Key Archaeological Experience

Albania Marine Science Expedition 
Albania | Jul. 2016

Maritime Archaeological Survey of Oman | CRM
Oman | Oct.-Nov. 2015

Cala Cativa II Roman Shipwreck Excavation
Spain | Jun. 2012

Montenegrin Maritime Archaeological Research Project
Montenegro | Jun. 2012

Muziris Heritage Project: Pattanam Archaeological Research
Survey Director
India | May 2011

Red Sea Roman Shipwreck Survey 
Egypt | Jul. 2010

Mary Rose Conservation | Mary Rose Museum
UK | Apr. 2010

Schooner Amanda Foreshore Archaeological Survey | CRM
Project Supervisor & GIS Specialist 
UK | Apr. 2010

Wootton-Quarr Geo-Archaeological Survey | CRM
Archaeologist & GIS Specialist
UK | Oct.-Dec. 2009

Wolvesey Palace Geophysical Survey
UK | Apr. 2009


  • Under the Mediterranean: The Honor Frost Foundation Conference of 'Mediterranean Maritime Archaeology,  2017: University of Cyprus, Nicosia. Paper: Navigating Perceptions: Mariners & Geographers of the Roman Levant. 
  • International Congress On Underwater Archaeology (IKUWA 6). 2016: Western Australian Museum, Fremantle, Australia. Paper: Sensory Navigation in the Roman Mediterranean: The Levantine & Ionian Seascapes.
  • Beyond the Sea Symposium. 2015: Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton. Paper: Rethinking Roman Perceptions of the Coastal Landscapes: A Case-Study of the Levant. Chaired Session: Technology & Methods.
  • Postgraduate Research Symposium. 2013: Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton. Paper: Challenging Ancient Perceptions of the Classical World: Roman Imagination of Coastal Landscapes.


  • Obied, C. (2017). Navigating Perceptions: Mariners & Geographers of the Roman Levant. Under the Mediterranean: The Honor Frost Foundation Conference of Mediterranean Maritime Archaeology, 2017, Nicosia. Forthcoming. 
  • Obied, C. & Lopez, C. (2017). Sensory Navigation in the Roman Mediterranean: The Levantine & Ionian Seascapes. IKUWA 6: Proceedings of the 6th International Congress on Underwater Archaeology, 2016, Fremantle. Forthcoming.
  • Obied, C. (2016). Rethinking Roman Perceptions of Coastal Landscapes: A Case-Study of the Levant (PhD Thesis)University of Southampton, UK: E-Prints Soton / London, UK: British Library EThOS.
  • Obied, C. (2015) Creating 3D Maps in QGIS: Step-by-Step Guide. Technical Guide Database.
  • Field report in: Cherian, P.J. (2011). Pattanam Archaeological Research: Pattanam Excavations. Fifth season field report. Trivandrum: Kerala Historical Research Council.

Educational Training & Awards

  • 'Expert of the Week’. Past Preservers. 2017: Expert Presenter represented by Past Preservers.
  • TV Training Academy, Pinewood Studios. 2014 & 2016: TV presenter training programmes in London, UK.
     Presenting skills, green screens, autocues, script-production and industry advice.
  • Arts & Humanties Research Council (AHRC) Block Grant Partnership (BGP) DoctoralAward. 2011:
    Awarded fully-funded Ph.D.scholarship in Archaeology at University of Southampton, UK (3 years). 
  • Tutor Training & Autism Training. 2011-2013: The Complete Works Independent School, London, UK. 
  • Spanish, Italian, and Arabic Certifications. 2006-2009: B.A. Modules, University of Southampton, UK. 
  • Erasmus-Socrates Scholarship. 2008: Awarded a term in Archaeology (in Spanish) at Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.
  • British Council Scholarship. 2005: Awarded Arabic Language & Culture Programme in Muscat, Oman.
  • FrenchExchange Grant. 2005:French-exchange program at Lycée Lucas de Nehou, Paris, France.
  • Cambridge Studies. 1999-2000: Specialised languagecenter - Cambridge School, Lisbon, Portugal.

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS)
  • European Scientific Diving Panel (ESDP)
  • Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS)
  • National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)

Professional Training

  • Scientific Diver: AAUS & ESDP Certifications. Illyrian Coastal Exploration Project. Zadar, Croatia. 2014.
  • Master Scuba Diver: National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). Zadar, Croatia. 2014.
  • Nautical Archaeology Society: Intro. & Part 1: Foreshore & UnderwaterArchaeology Certifications. UK. 2010.

Technological Skills

  • Apple iOS Systems (Mac) | Microsoft OS Systems (PC) | Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) | Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, DreamWeaver) | Coding (JavaScript, HTML) | Facebook Ads Manager | Serif MoviePlus

Archaeological Technical Skills

  • ArcCatalog | ArcMap | ArcScene | Quantum GIS | Agisoft Photoscan | Photogrammetry | CorelDRAW | AutoCAD | Site Recorder | CODA 2000 | Real Time Kinematics/RTK GPS Receiver |Cataloguing | Conservation | Archaeological Photography | Technical Drawing | Dredging | Airlift | Leica Flex Line TS06 Total Station | Decompression Diving | Magnetometry | Side-Scan Sonar | Single Beam Bathymetry | Sub-BottomProfiling | Reflectance Transformation Imaging | Survey/ Excavation |Geophysical & Geoarchaeological Survey

For more detailed information on qualifications and CV/Resume, please visit: or email

Credit: Muziris Heritage Project - Pattanam Archaeological Research. India.

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