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Features Editor & Creative Writer

Carmen is the appointed ‘Features Editor & Industry Expert’ of Fashion Shift Magazine, responsible for reviewing, selecting, editing, and proof-reading all magazine submissions and articles, produced and displayed using Adobe InDesign, then published in Issuu and MagCloud (digital and in print). As creative writer, she also researches and writes articles or interviews on engaging current topics, news and inspirations, as well as scouting interesting contributors and writing vision statements or blurbs for each issue. She plans/coordinates large-scale productions and promotion of magazine events, photoshoots, fashion week coverage, and social media. 

Current issue of F*Shift Magazine: Serendipity | Instagram: @fshiftmagazine 

Meet our main leading team!
Editor-in-Chief, Publisher & Photographer: Magdalena Bieth
Travel Editor & Photographer: Steven Lopez (Oh Snap Adventures)
Well-Being Editor & Nutritionist: Christina Rosso (Food Journaling)

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Creative Writer: Published Articles & Interviews

My featured story about being an underwater archaeologist - 'From Shipwrecks to Ice Caves: stories from an underwater archaeologist' (pp68-71) or on the blog (here).

Insights into my travels in the past year - 'Snippets of a Nomadic Year: From South America to the Balkans' (pp40-41) or read each story on the blog (here). Photography: @eslopez128

'Chloe Origami: Unfolding Ideas to Fold Paper' - Article & Interview I wrote for F*Shift Magazine on the art of Origami (p31)

'Fashioned for Freedom' - Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign & Fundraiser Show

'March for Europe' - A little summary I wrote on the protest march for F*Magazine. Photography: @eslopez128. 

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