Dr. Carmen Obied is both an underwater archaeologist and international model. 

Carmen was born in Seville, Spain and raised on the seaside in Lisbon, Portugal by her English/Scottish mother and Egyptian/Spanish father - and she can speak 6 languages.
She grew up immersed under water and seeking adventure, which eventually awoke her curiosity in exploring the ancient maritime world.

Carmen is an underwater archaeologist and researcher with a PhD in Archaeology (AHRC fully-funded) and MSc in Maritime Archaeology (4.0) from the University of Southampton, England. She is also an AAUS & ESDP Scientific Diver. For the last 10+ years, she has worked extensively on international maritime and terrestrial archaeological excavations/surveys, as well as GIS, conservation, and outreach projects (e.g. UK, Egypt, India, Oman, Montenegro, Albania, Spain, Croatia, Romania). She has collaborated with research institutions, governmental agencies, outreach organisations, and museums such as the British Museum, Western Australian Museum and Mary Rose Museum. She speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Arabic. Currently she is developing 3D photogrammetric models for the Natural History Museum and is also engaged in educational outreach/teaching.

Carmen is a professional agency-signed model, having worked 8+ years internationally in London, Paris, NYC, LA, Dubai, Iceland, Chile, Cyprus, Spain, and Lisbon. She is extremely experienced in High Fashion, Runway, Editorial, and Commercial Modelling. Her major accomplishments include publications in Vogue UK and Italia, winner of V&A Museum’s Horst competition, London Fashion Week runways, billboard campaigns, magazine covers, modelling underwater and in Icelandic ice caves. As an ambassador for ethical fashion, her work has actively supported anti-human trafficking campaigns, such as the Freedom Campaign with A21, & Fashioned for Freedom, where she was selected to close the show modelling Vivienne Westwood. Building on all this, Carmen has also worked as a social media and production manager for large-scale projects, campaigns and photoshoots, and published numerous articles and interviews.

Carmen is an Expert Archaeologist & Presenter at Past Preservers for scientific/educational research and documentaries. She also works as the Outreach Educator & Social Media Manager for ‘Multilingual Digital Storytelling’, a global intercultural digital literacy project by Goldsmiths University of London, with the British Museum, Museum of London, British Film Institute (BFI), and National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE). She often works as a professional Multilingual Voice-Over & Translator for BlokMedia Ltd, and has TV Presenter training by TV Training Academy/ Pinewood Studios. She has been interviewed in India for a documentary on ancient Muziris for MarineBiz TV Channel, Dubai; as well as being interviewed about her modelling and archaeology career for international magazines, e.g. Thrifty Hunter and F*Shift. Musically, she has sung for emerging music producers in the UK and Germany, with original recordings and collaborations. A recent highlight includes recording at Abbey Roads Studio as a competition finalist.

For details of qualifications and professional experience, see Resume page or Linkedin.

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